Dynamics and Territorial Impact of Physical-Geographic Processes and Phenomena

This section is dedicated to studies on the morphology and dynamics of atmospheric, hydrospheric, geomorphological and biopedological processes and phenomena, as well as the assessment of their role within the overall functionality of the territory (climate change, hazards, vulnerability and risks, environmental changes etc.). Both practical-quantitative and theoretical aspects are proposed.

Socio-economic resources and sustainable development

This section is very comprehensive, including issues related to demographic capital, population mobility, urban spatial development, socio-economic territorial reconversion within the frame of sustainable territorial development. An important part of the section is the evaluation and optimal valorisation of tourism potential at regional and local level.

Planning, management and territorial development

The section proposes a wide range of investigations focused on the development of optimal spatial planning scenarios at microscale and mesoscale in the context of balanced regional and local development. Issues such as regional disparities, regional development models and policies, as well as territorial identity, are also very important within this context.

GIS Symposium: Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Using G.I.S.

Geography curriculum and teaching.

The section is mainly aimed at teachers involved in pre-university educational system and targets especially contributions meant to improve the Geography curriculum and the methods of efficient Geography teaching in schools.

Students’ section

The section is non-restrictive. Subjects belonging to all branches of Geography (Physical Geography, Human Geography, Regional Geography), theoretical and practical alike, are accepted.